Friday, September 18, 2009

my new HG of shaving.

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating, I have just recently moved back into college to start my second year, so things have been kinda hectic! I also forgot my camera cord, therefore I can't upload any pictures unless I use the photo booth on my macbook. Thank you to all my new followers! :)

Okay so, I bet most of you are wondering why I'm posting about shaving.... its because I had to let you guys in on this new product I purchased! 

(I apologize for the poor image quality, this is using my photo booth.)

Every morning I have been shaving my legs using these 2 products (along with moisturizer afterwards), and my boyfriend and friends have made comments about how smooth my legs feel! I sometimes get razor burn, but haven't at all since using these products.
  • First, is the Venus Spa Breeze razor. Which I believe can be purchased at most drugstores. I'm not sure how much they are there because I got my package at Costco's (warehouse/wholesale type store) and bought around 20, yes 20 cartridges for $24! Usually I use men's razors but I really like that this razor has a two moisturizing strip built in. The only complaint I have is that the strips do run out before the razor is dull, but it most definitely can be used without the added strips.
  • Now, to the product I'm most excited about. The Evolution of Smooth Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss. I have always wanted to try out their products, and when I found this in Target I chose it over a normal shaving gel. It says to shave either wet or dry, and I have only tried this in the shower but I love it! I love the fact that it is a cream, which leaves my skin feeling soft, and smelling like vanilla!
At my Target the shaving cream was around $4.99? (Kind of expensive but believe me, you only need two pumps!) and they only had 2 types when I went. BUT you also can check out the 5 other fragrances here The Evolution of Smooth (I can't wait to try the Island Blue!)

What shaving products do you girls use?! 


  1. oh i will so be getting some of the shaving cream...i'm almost positive i've seen it at our target. i've been using conditioner the past couple of days since i ran out of shave gel - but since this stuff is for shaving - should def work better.

  2. i love it! :) if you happen to get any one besides vanilla please let me know how you like it!

  3. I was starting to wonder where my first ever follower got to! You are so lucky going into 2nd year at college, that was my favourite year i think :) I only graduated this summer and im jealous of all the fun you guys still get to have!

    I can get a bit lazy with shaving somtimes and have never used that fancy of creams- only a gilette one! But if it does the job then im happy!

  4. never heard of this stuff.

    i use skintamate shave gel usually but am not in love with the stuff